Rotenone and Antimycin Use in Fish Management


Target Audience:  

The course is designed for fish biologists who must manage or supervise the planning and execution of a fish sampling/control/eradication project using rotenone or antimycin.  

Summary and Objectives: 

This four-and-one-half-day training provides a foundation for the planning and execution of a fish sampling/control/eradication project using the fish management chemicals rotenone and antimycin. Topics include product chemistry & toxicology; application, monitoring, & neutralization techniques; applicator safety; integration with fisheries management or conservation plans; species sensitivities; pre- & post-project monitoring; safety; public involvement & education; environmental laws; project planning; environmental effects analysis; project implementation & management; and crisis management strategies. Application techniques are practiced in hands-on laboratory and field exercises. Successful completion of a final exam will give the participant a certificate of completion.  

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:  

  • Develop strategies for fish removal that reflect sensitivities of target species, characteristics of the piscicides, and important environmental conditions. 
  • Explain piscicide label contents and requirements. 
  • Safely execute a rotenone or antimycin treatment. 
  • Characterize effects of piscicides on target and non-target organisms. 
  • Identify and describe key environmental laws, regulations, and processes/procedures to ensure compliance with ESA, FIFRA, NEPA, and individual state regulations. 
  • Develop public involvement, application, neutralization, monitoring, and safety plans. 
  • Implement application and neutralization techniques for flowing and standing waters that avoid or minimize environmental impacts. 
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