Fish and Aquatic Conservation

Environmental Education Resources for Teachers, Parents and Kids

(Aquatic Conservation + Education = FAC Outreach
Building an Understanding and Appreciation of Our Aquatic Natural Resources)

Engaging the next generation of conservationists, our field stations, located throughout the country, provide outdoor education areas and field-study opportunities, host festivals and events, introduce newcomers to recreational fishing and other outdoor skills and develop tools for teaching today’s conservation ethic. Our staff engage people of all ages through agency employment programs, Friends groups and in partnership with states and tribes. Educational programs and campaigns like Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers, provide guidance toward responsible outdoor behaviors. We invest in these activities to help tomorrow’s leaders be better equipped to face conservation challenges.

map of the Fish and Aquatic Conservation facilities

Visit Our Facilities

With locations throughout the U.S., chances are, there is a Fish and Aquatic Conservation office or hatchery near you! We invite you to visit us and learn more about our staff and the work they do.

photo of youth and Fish and Wildlife Service employees teaching youth about fish

Volunteer With Us

Are you interested in aquatic conservation? Do you enjoy the outdoors and working with others? If you responded yes, then think about becoming a volunteer or a Fisheries Friend.

photo of a young boy ice fishing

Experience What We Have To Offer

Whether it’s taking a tour, attending an event or maybe trying a new outdoor skill like recreational fishing, hunting or bird watching, there is so much to learn and do at a FAC facility.

Education Products and Programs

Want to learn more about fish and aquatic conservation? You’ve landed on the right page. Whether an educator, youth program leader, or someone wanting to learn more, our products, from fact sheets to a lesson on fish migration, are just a download away.