Links to permit application forms and instructions for permits issued by the Division of Management Authority (DMA) can be found below. To determine whether your species and the activity that you want to carry out requires a permit from DMA, please review our “Do I need a permit?” page.

A fee is required to apply for a permit from the Service, and to amend an existing permit. Please see the instructions in each permit application form for information about application processing fees.

You should allow at least 60 days for review of most permit applications. However, you should allow at least 90 days for review of marine mammal or endangered species applications. We process applications as quickly as possible, in the order received. If you need to check on the status of your application, please allow at least 10 days after you have submitted it before calling; or wait to receive an acknowledgement letter and be sure to state the permit file number provided in that letter when you call.

There may be other fish, wildlife, and plant management rules required by the Federal, State, territorial, or tribal governments. Your proposed activity may also require one or more permits from another regulatory agency. See the list of state and territorial fish and wildlife offices and other Federal agencies for contact information. Getting a permit from DMA may be contingent upon obtaining other required Federal, state, territorial, and tribal permits/ authorizations.

Application Forms

For permits issued by the Division of Management Authority, visit our Application Forms page to search by activity, species, or form number.

For a list of application forms issued by all programs of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, please visit the main permits page.


  1. Before attempting to fill out the application, please review the form and read the instructions found on the last two pages of the form. Call the Division of Management Authority, Branch of Permits, if you have any questions.
  2. Page one and some portions of the application forms can be filled out electronically; however, at this time, they cannot be submitted online.
  3. Print the application after you have completed the fillable portions of the form. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 on your computer, you can save a copy of the application.
  4. Next, read over pages two to the end of the application and provide the remaining information on a separate document. It would help us to process your application more efficiently if you would first type the item number and title in bold text, and then provide your response underneath.
  5. Please mail the completed application form and processing fee to the address at the top right of the form.