Steps to Apply for a CITES Permit Online

Please note that online application submissions get in the queue more quickly than submissions by mail.

Many permit applications are now available for online submission. However, the platform only allows for the submission of new applications, not renewals or amendments of permits. Annual reports can be submitted but you will have to make sure that the name, zip code, and permit number is the same as you have on your issued permit.

Please use the following steps to successfully submit an online application:

Step 1. Complete Your Application

Find your application form here:, complete it, and ensure it is in pdf format ready to upload.

Step 2. Create an account at

  • On the Home page at, you will see a button to “CREATE AN ACCOUNT.” 
  • Create a Logon ID and password.
  • Note:  Your Logon ID may be your Email, your full name, or a string of alphabetical characters.
  • For your password, you may mix the 26 alphabet letters with at least one special character such as #, @, $, %...   Your password is case sensitive, the minimum length is 5 characters; no more than 30 characters.

Step 3. Log in to


Step 4. Apply for the Permit

  • At the DMA forms list (Division of Management Authority [Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Flora and Fauna (CITES)], choose the appropriate application form.

  • If you are not fee exempt, click the appropriate box and pay the application processing fee; (credit card payments may be made here)

After you select the form and pay the fee, you will be assigned an application number – store that number so that you can reference it later if needed.

Step 5. Upload Your Completed Application Form


Step 6. An email will be sent to you acknowledging receipt of your application.