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Protecting Wildlife and Plant Resources
Office of Law Enforcement Permits

Law Enforcement issues the following permits:

Permit Office Addresses.

Import/Export License - Import/Export Licenses are issued to entities (companies or individuals) before they are allowed to commercially import into or export from the United States shipments containing wildlife and are valid for one year. Click here to determine which U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Law Enforcement office should receive your application.

Port Exception Permit - This permit authorizes import or export of wildlife at a port other than a required designated port or authorized border or special port under limited circumstances. These permits may be issued (1) for scientific purposes, (2) to minimize deterioration or loss, or (3) to alleviate undue economic hardship. Applicants must demonstrate that they meet the criteria for issuance of these special permits.

This permit, which is valid for two years, must be acquired before importing or exporting wildlife. A port exception permit may be issued for single or multiple imports or exports. If applicants apply for a protected species permit in addition to a port exception permit, the port exception permit may be issued by the protected species permit office. To review information on the criteria for qualifying for a port exception permit, see our regulations on permits for scientific purposes (14.31), to minimize deterioration or loss (14.32), or to alleviate undue economic hardship (14.33).

CITES Export Permits for Certain Wildlife - Law Enforcement issues CITES export permits for furs or skins of bobcat, river otter, Alaska lynx, Alaska gray wolf, Alaska brown bear, or American alligator.

CITES Re-export Certificates for Certain Wildlife - Law Enforcement issues certain re-export certificates for Appendix-II and –III wildlife unless a permit is required under 50 CFR Part 17 (Endangered or Threatened Species), Part 18 (Marine Mammal), or Part 21 (Migratory Bird). If a permit is required under these regulations, the Division of Management Authority will issue the re-export certificate.

Last updated: November 02, 2016