Toms Cove Hook Closes

March 15th
Event - Toms Cove

March 15th

To protect nesting wildlife, Toms Cove Hook closes to all access (4-wheel drive vehicles, pedestrians & horseback riding). Assawoman Island also closes on this date for nesting shorebirds.

For Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge spring heralds the return of migratory birds such as piping plovers, American oystercatchers and least terns. Many of the birds who spend summers here also nest on the beach or in the marshes. Some of these bird populations are also declining in numbers and are federally protected, for instance the threatened piping plover. To give these birds a chance at survival we create nesting sanctuaries by closing Toms Cove Hook and Assawoman Island. 

From March 15 to September 15 we ask that you help us protect nesting shorebirds by staying out of these sensitive areas.

Learn more about the threatened piping plover.