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2021 Hunts

Please see the attached documentation below for further information on upcoming hunts:

James River Final Hunter Letter 2021

James River Deer Hunt General Regulations 2021

James River Hunt Dates 2021

James River Hunt Map 2021

Final Hunt/Fish Plan

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has released a final hunting and fishing plan for Eastern Virginia Rivers National Wildlife Refuge Complex.

A draft plan was issued earlier this spring, and during the 88-day public comment period, 20 comment letters were received from the public. We are grateful to the people who provided meaningful comments on the draft, which helped in developing the final plan.

Some comments reflected an opposition to hunting and fishing in general and in particular on NWR lands. We understand and respect this viewpoint. The legislation which guides how national wildlife refuges across the country are managed not only requires us to consider allowing wildlife observation, hunting, fishing, photography, environmental education, and interpretation, but further directs us to promote these activities when compatible with refuge purposes. Not one of these recreational uses have a priority over another – they are simply different ways people choose to enjoy the refuges and to engage themselves, their families, and their friends in the outdoors.

A summary of all substantive comments, and our responses, can be found in Appendix E (Finding of No Significant Impact). No significant changes have been made between the draft and final versions of the Hunting and Fishing Plan. No significant modifications were incorporated into the final plan and decision documents. However, based on comments regarding safety, we have decided change the method of take in the final Hunting and Fishing Plan by removing muzzleloaders and rifles on the Mothershead and Franklin units of Rappahannock River Valley NWR

We may begin to implement the Hunting and Fishing Plan for Eastern Virginia Rivers NWR Complex upon publication of the final 2021-2022 Station-Specific Hunting and Sport Fishing Regulations in the Federal Register. The final plan can be viewed here: Eastern Virginia Rivers Final Hunt/Fish Plan