Get Involved

Volunteer on the refuge.


Volunteers are trained to lead Fisherman Island Tours. If you are interested please contact the Eastern Shore of Virginia NWR at (757) 331-2760 to see if there are any openings.

Friends Group

The Chincoteague Natural History Association (CNHA) is a non-profit, cooperating association established in partnership with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The CNHA was established as a Friends Group to promote a better understanding and appreciation of the Chincoteague refuge, the Eastern Shore of Virginia refuge, and the natural history and environment of Virginia's Eastern Shore in general. The CNHA produces and provides interpretive and educational material for refuge visitors. Proceeds from memberships and items sold in the gift shops are used to support and enhance interpretive programs, projects, and activities at both of the refuges.

Chincoteague Natural History Association
P. O. Box 917
Chincoteague, VA 23336