Wildlife & Habitat

Wildlife and Habitat

The Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1938 as a refuge and breeding ground for great white herons, other migratory birds, and other wildlife. Encompassing numerous islands known locally as the Backcountry, it is one of the oldest refuges in the nation.

  • Great White Heron


    The majestic great white heron is unique to south Florida and the Florida Keys.

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  • White-Crowned Pigeon

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    White-crowned pigeons are a large slate-gray bird with a conspicuous white crown and an iridescent green scaled nape.

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  • Magnificent Frigatebird


    The magnificent frigatebird is a large seabird that occurs along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of North and South America, as well as the Caribbean Basin.

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  • Mangrove Forests


    Mangrove communities are among the most biologically productive ecosystems in the world.

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  • Shallow Waters


    The shallow waters of the Great White Heron NWR are locally referred to as the "Backcountry".

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  • Live Critter Cam


    Check out our critter cam for an insider's view of the Refuges!

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