Get Involved

Boy Scouts looking through binoculars - USFWS.


James River National Wildlife Refuge offers a wide array of volunteer opportunities. Our volunteers have provided assistance in special events coordination and staffing, maintenance of buildings, trails, and signs, construction projects, invasive species treatment, administration, and habitat management. Volunteer are given the option to work as their availability allows. Groups or individuals can help out regularly throughout the year or come out for pre-scheduled volunteer “work days”. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact Wildlife Refuge Specialist Cyrus Brame (804-829-9020 or

Friends Group

Two organizations are serving the role of friends as cooperative associations. These organizations help to support programs and fulfill the mission the refuge.

Richmond Audubon Society (RAS) - Through the Audubon Refuge Keeper (ARK) program, the RAS “adopted” Presquile NWR with the specific purpose to support and improve the wildlife refuge for birds and other wildlife and their habitat. With James River NWR, only 8 river miles from Presquile, RAS is involved in projects at both refuges.

James River Association - A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed in 2007 to improve environmental programming primarily at Presquile NWR, but also applies the James River NWR. The MOU allow resources to be shared between the two organizations.