Wildlife & Habitat

Great blue heron by Sharon Lindsay

Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge is an important link in the chain of wildlife refuges along the Atlantic Flyway, attracting thousands of migratory birds annually. The refuge also provides nesting habitat, called a rookery, for colonial wading birds such as ibis, egrets, and herons.

  • Painted Bunting

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    With its striking rainbow-colored plumage, the painted bunting is easily visible along the forest edge and the entrance causeway during the summer months.

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  • White Ibis


    A wading bird of the deep south, the white ibis is frequently seen probing for prey in marshes and along shorelines.

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  • American Alligator


    A member of the crocodile family, the American alligator is a living fossil from the Age of Reptiles, having survived on earth for 200 million years. It is vitally important to the alligator's survival that visitors view them from a distance and under no circumstances ever feed them.

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  • Bobcat


    The only "large" cat in the area, the bobcat is very elusive and primarily nocturnal. However, visitors do report seeing them from time to time, during a day hike or bike ride.

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  • Freshwater Ponds

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    The refuge's freshwater ponds provide a safe place for wading birds to nest, as well as excellent wildlife viewing opportunities for visitors.

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  • Maritime Forest

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    Dominated by live oak and palmetto, maritime forests provide a protective buffer between the mainland and the sea.

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  • Salt Marsh


    Salt marshes are a mosaic of snaking channels called tidal creeks that fill with seawater during high tides and drain during low tides.

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  • Pollinators


    Pollinating animals, including bees, birds, butterflies, bats, beetles and others, are vital to our delicate ecosystem, supporting terrestrial wildlife, providing healthy watershed, and more.

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