Refuge Divisions

Fall at Conte in Massachusetts - James Weliver/USFWS.

Currently, the refuge is comprised of nearly 40,000 acres within parts of the four Connecticut River watershed states of New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. The refuge includes ten divisions and twelve units that represent a wide variety of unique habitats.

  • Vermont

    Nulhegan Basin overlook - USFWS.

    Refuge land in Vermont includes the Nulhegan Basin Division and the Putney Mountain Unit.

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  • New Hampshire

    Pondicherry vista - USFWS.

    Divisions in New Hampshire include Pondicherry and Blueberry Swamp.

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  • Massachusetts

    Fall at the Fort River Division - James Weliver/USFWS.

    There are many units and divisions located in Massachusetts including Third Island, Honey Pot, Wissatinnewag, Mt. Tom, Mt. Toby, Hatfield, Fort River, Mill River, Westfield River and Dead Branch.

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  • Connecticut

    Salmon River Division - Patrick Comins.

    Refuge land in Connecticut consists of the Deadman's Swamp Unit, Roger Tory Peterson Unit and the Salmon River Division.

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