National Wildlife Refuge System

Pacific Region Launches Web Site in Spanish

Conboy Lake WA
Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge, WA
Credit: USFWS

Conservation is an issue that touches all cultures. Today, over 50 million Latino Americans live in the United States. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is now providing information on the Pacific Region Web site, Facebook and Tumblr pages in Spanish. Soon, parents will be able to use Spanish-language Discovery Packs to hike with their children at Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge, near Portland, OR. And this is only the beginning.


“Our goal is to provide Spanish speakers with the same opportunities to participate in conservation efforts that the Service currently provides English speakers,” says Robyn Thorsen, director of the Service’s Pacific Region. These opportunities include participating in family activities at a national wildlife refuge, learning about wildlife and habitat preservation through our websites, becoming a volunteer at a refuge or a special event, or seeking a career within the Service.


“We recognize the Latino community as a vibrant and vital part of American society,” Thorson said, “and we are excited about making new friends and forming enduring partnerships that will benefit us all.”

Vea este video en español de Univision TV sobre los esfuerzos de la conservación del Servicio de Pesca y Vida Silvestre. En una entrevista con Dra. Gabriela Chevarría, la Asesora Cientifica del Servicio de Pesca y Vida Silvestre.





Last updated: November 23, 2012