Science Applications Program

About Us

Our Mission

Science Applications facilitates partnerships that address shared conservation challenges to create a network of healthy lands and waters where fish, wildlife, plants, and people thrive. We do this by:

Our History

The program was established in 2009 for the dual purpose of addressing complex conservation challenges using a landscape conservation approach and to help coordinate the organization’s science and data management needs. Early on, a special emphasis was placed on distilling climate science to help natural resource managers implement climate adaptation strategies.

From 2010 through 2017, Science Applications provided significant funding support and personnel who coordinated a network of 22 distinct Landscape Conservation Cooperatives, collectively known as the Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) Network. Our experiences with the LCCs taught us many valuable lessons and we now model a more flexible and inclusive approach to landscape conservation. Products created by the LCCs, such as reports, maps, and landscape conservation design documents, are available to the public through the Science Catalog.

Today, Science Applications plays a vital national leadership and coordination role in the implementation of landscape-level conservation, although no longer in the form of the LCC Network. As authorized, we work with Tribes, Federal agencies, States, non-governmental organizations and other partners to identify and address shared conservation priorities across the country. We focus on convening partners, identifying shared science needs and gaps, setting goals, developing conservation plans, and collaboratively creating applied tools to address climate change and other landscape-scale threats. We recognize that every collaborative conservation partnership has science and coordination needs unique to their respective geography and conservation challenge. We therefore customize our level of engagement and support to meet the needs of each individual partnership we work with.

Last updated: November 12, 2021

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