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Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles
For state regulatory information/contacts for eagle management:
Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virgin Islands

NATIONAL UPDATE (6/20/2014)-  Starting Monday June 23, 2014 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) is requesting public input on eagle management
objectives, as well as suggestions to amend the 2009 final regulations for permits for non-purposeful take of eagles (50 CFR 22.26) and for take of eagle nests (50 CFR 22.27).
For more information please visit: http://eaglescoping.org/  

National rules and regulations
For information about the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act (Eagle Act), and permitting rules and regulations visit the National Migratory Bird Eagle web page.

National Guidelines 
Follow this link for a copy of the National Bald Eagle Management Guidelines.  The guidelines provide recommendations on how best to avoid impacting bald eagles.

Southeast- R4 Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle Permitting
Once you have determined that a permit is necessary follow this link for information about eagle take (disturbance) and/or eagle nest take permits.

Wind Energy Development
For wind energy development information and the Draft Eagle Conservation Plan (ECP) Guidance, visit the Service Wind Energy Development Information website. The ECP Guidance was developed to provide interpretive assistance to wind developers, Service biologists, and others who evaluate potential impacts on eagles from proposed wind energy projects, and includes applying the regulatory permit standards as specified by the Eagle Act and other federal laws.

Southeast - Region 4 Bald Eagle Monitoring Guidelines
Monitoring Guidelines 2007- The Southeast Region of the Service utilizes these guidelines for projects located in Florida only that were previously issued a Biological Opinion under Section 7 or Section 10 of the Endangered Species Act and refers to these 2007 monitoring guidelines as a biological opinion and/or permit condition.  Many existing Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission bald eagle permits also refer to these guidelines.

Southeast - Region 4 Technical Assistance
If you need assistance determining whether or not a federal Eagle Act permit is recommended for a project, visit the Eagle Permit Technical Assistance website.  This site is a self-guided key that allows you to enter in project specific information that will help you determine if it is advisable to obtain a federal permit for your activities that may disturb eagles.  Please be advised that federal permits are always required under 50 CFR 22.27 for any removal of a bald eagle or golden eagle nest.  This includes any nest used by an eagle regardless of the species that originally built the nest or a nest built by an eagle but used by another migratory bird species.

For technical assistance on a project or questions about monitoring within Southeast - Region 4, please email FW4eaglemonitoring@fws.gov

For questions about migratory bird and eagle permitting in Southeast – Region 4 and throughout the nation, please visit the Permits Regional Offices website to determine your regional contact.

Photo Credit: USFWS

This website is for eagle permitting information in the Southeast.
Region 4 is primarily focused on bald eagles since only a small
of golden eagles can be found throughout these states.



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