Entiat National Fish Hatchery is located in the Entiat River Valley, not far from Wenatchee, Washington. When we were built in 1940, we served as a research facility to learn more about fish health. Our hatchery currently raises summer Chinook salmon.

About Us

Entiat National Fish Hatchery was built on 37 acres of land by the Bureau of Reclamation as one of the fish mitigation facilities for Grand Coulee Dam, Columbia Basin Project. We've been in operation since 1941.The initial operating plan for the hatchery called for adult salmon and steelhead to be trapped at Rock Island Dam and hauled to the hatchery for holding and spawning. From 1979 to 2008 our program focused on spring Chinook salmon, and since 2008 we've been raising summer Chinook salmon. Strong salmon returns to our hatchery in recent years have provided new summer Chinook fishing opportunities on the Entiat River. 

What We Do

Currently, we raise and release up to 400,000 summer Chinook salmon every year. Our fish complete a 490 mile journey and pass through eight dams during their life. Twice! 

Of the hundreds of thousands of smolts we release each year, some 2,000 adults will find their way back to their "home" here at the hatchery. Many more are harvested in commercial, sport, and Tribal fisheries from the Entiat River to Southeast Alaska. Adult salmon that we don't need for spawning in the fall are harvested by Native American tribes that have been impacted by Grand Coulee Dam. 

Looking for fish run information? Or weather data? Visit our What We Do page.

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How to Find Us

Our hatchery is six miles up the Entiat River Valley. From Entiat River Road, turn left onto Roaring Creek Road and then right on to Fish Hatchery Road. Drive past the hatchery sign and park to the left of the gate, outside the fence. Check our outdoor kiosk for information or take a stroll on the Red Willow Trail along the Entiat River.

Tour the Hatchery

Visitors are welcome to tour our hatchery! During the summer our hatchery hosts may be available to share information. Information, maps, and a self-guided tour brochure of the hatchery grounds can be found year-round at the kiosk on the lawn in front of the hatchery building.

Location and Contact Information