Iron River National Fish Hatchery was established in 1979 to produce lake trout for interagency restoration programs in the upper Great Lakes and to serve as a lake trout broodstock facility. Today, the hatchery produces eggs for the National Broodstock Program, rears lake trout and brook trout for interagency restoration programs in lakes Michigan, Huron and Superior and supplies fish and eggs for research and tribal programs.

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The hatchery is located in beautiful northern Wisconsin a few miles from Lake Superior. There are many things to do and see when you visit the hatchery. The visitor center has aquariums where large coaster brook and lake trout can be seen up close. Visitors can tour multiple buildings to learn more about the fish rearing process. There are 3.5 miles of trails on hatchery grounds, plus a 3D archery range and pavilion with grills and a playground.

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      The hatchery produces approximately 1.5 million lake trout and 65,000 coaster brook trout for stocking in the Great Lakes each year. Broodstocks of lake trout and coaster brook trout are also kept to provide eggs for conservation of these species