Students listening to lecture. Credit: HUTAN/KOCP


International species such as tigers, elephants, great apes, and rhinos have become icons for generations of Americans. As part of the Division of International Conservation’s mission, we strive to actively engage youth in the conservation of these and other international species of great importance to the American people. We believe that if students become interested in and involved with global conservation, they will carry it with them throughout their studies and into their adult lives. Our education tool kit provides activities for students, resources for parents, and lesson plans and materials for educators.

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Check out our games, quizzes, and activities and learn all about some of the worlds most unique and at risk species. Take time to meet the species that were working to conserve and learn about these animals and why they need our help.

Our goal is to provide parents with resources to help encourage children's interests in conservation and international species. Check out more information about species and find wildlife programs that you can do with your child. Get outside and see how you can help the environment, including international species, right in your own backyard.

Teachers play a critical role in fostering students' interest in and understanding of international species conservation. Our aim is to provide lesson plans and materials to help teach students of all ages about different international species and the efforts needed to protect them.