San Lazaro Legislative body, Mexico. Credit: Jorge Gonzales

Credit: Jorge Gonzalez

In recent decades, Mexico has taken unprecedented steps to improve conservation of its natural resources. This includes creating agencies to carry out this mission, headed by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. With the support of President Felipe Calderón, conservation has been elevated to the cabinet level. However, the new agencies lack many of the laws needed to fully protect natural resources. Many lawmakers are simply not well aware of conservation issues or solutions.

Through an interactive website and on-the-ground visits, Voices for Nature will provide science-based information to members of Mexico’s Congress to enhance natural resource legislation. Legislators will visit conservation projects and see first-hand successful work being carried out in their country. A network of environmentally active Mexican legislators will consider creating an environmental caucus within the Congress.

Funding for FY2011: $90,080. In-country match: $172,700.