Lewis & Clark National Wildlife Refuge
Pacific Region

Comprehensive Conservation Plan

In 2010, the Julia Butler Hansen Refuge for the Columbian White-tailed Deer and the Lewis and Clark National Wildlife Refuge completed a Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP). CCPs review and plan for long term management of wildlife, habitat, and public use activities. For more information about the CCP process, visit the Pacific Region Division of Refuge Planning website.

The final CCP and EIS for Lewis and Clark National Wildlife Refuge is available here.

Waterfowl Hunt Plan

Hunt plans describe updated guidance for management of hunting opportunties for specific species within designated Refuge locations. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans, manages, conducts, and evaluates refuge hunting programs in coordination with State fish and wildlife agencies on a consistent basis, in ways that conserve fish and wildlife and their habitats, ensures hunter and visitor safety, complies with applicable State and Federal laws and regulations, and promotes respect for the resource. Refuge managers review hunt programs annually to ensure continued compatibility and consistency of the program with existing laws and regulations.

Download the Lewis and Clark Refuge Waterfowl Hunt Plan (PDF 4.07 MB)

Download Lewis and Clark Refuge Hunt Map (PDF 2.17 MB)

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Last updated: January 30, 2012