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An individual pursuing a Section 10(a)(1)(A) recovery permit to conduct activities for federally listed species must have adequate field experience and qualifications for independently conducting the requested activity with the specified listed species. Search this library for detailed guidance documents and information on minimum qualifications developed for listed species in within California, Nevada, and the Klamath basin of Oregon.

Typically, one field season of supervised experience is required for all species. The Service has developed permitting qualifications for many of our listed species that an individual should meet prior to applying for a recovery permit. For all other species that do not have written minimum qualifications, please contact the field office permit coordinator that is subject to your inquiry. When addressing our minimum qualifications, be sure to submit a copy of your resume and qualifications statement with the permit application. This information serves as documentation describing an individual's educational background, work history, and most importantly, the details of their direct field experience with the target species and activities being requested. Submitted qualifications must be verifiable in order for them to be valid. The Service reviews the applicants' submitted resume and qualification statement in determining whether an individual meets applicable issuance criteria for the permit. We realize that each applicant possesses different levels of experience and qualifications based on a number of factors. It is for this reason that our minimum qualifications are in place to provide the Service with a baseline for consistently determining an individual's "expertise" for conducting a requested activity. We look at each individuals experience and qualifications independently when making a determination of an individual’s ability to perform a permitted activity. When submitting your qualifications statement containing details of your field experience and results of any required exams, we recommend the following information be included with your qualification statement. This following information will assist us in evaluating your overall expertise and ability to independently conduct permitted activities. Please include the following:

  1. Letter(s) of reference by the permitted individual(s) from whom you acquired the field experience/training who can quantify and verify the experience received; discuss pertinent details of your field experience and expertise; and provide an assessment of your ability to perform each requested permitted activity independently.

  2. Qualification statements should include verifiable field experience not only with the target listed species, but with similar or sympatric species and/or experience conducting similar activities with other species (either listed species or non-listed species).

  3. Reference any scientific journal articles you have written and/or published, especially if the articles pertain to similar species/activities.

  4. Provide details of your educational and biological background including any degrees received along with any thesis, independent studies, and/or pertinent projects completed.

  5. Provide additional details of your environmental background to include any pertinent projects and/or experience working at universities, museums, or consulting firms, government agencies, and/or other environmental organizations along with a statement of your familiarity with pertinent environmental laws and regulations.

Please be as detailed as possible when submitting your qualifications with your permit application. The Service must be able to determine, based on the verifiable information you provide, that you have the expertise to independently conduct the requested activity with the target species.