Ways to get involved

To support all of our species conservation efforts, you may purchase the Save Vanishing Species Stamp, nicknamed the "Tiger Stamp." A portion of the proceeds from each Tiger Stamp goes directly to conserving marine turtles around the world. We thank you, in advance, for supporting international wildlife conservation.

You can help conserve sea turtles in multiple ways. Just a few of these include:

  • View nesting sea turtles or hatchings by attending a guided sea turtle walk. Help spread the message to be respectful and not disturb them.
  • Participate in a beach clean-up or coastal restoration project.
  • Redirect and shield outside house lights that are visible from the nesting beach so not to disorient marine turtles.
  • Keep nesting beaches obstacle-free. Remove beach and surf gear, flatten sandcastles, and fill any holes before you leave the beach.
  • Use a refillable water bottle and non-plastic shopping bags. Try to use less plastic throughout the day and dispose of used items in an appropriate manner so it does not end up our water systems including the ocean.
  • Try to replace, or do not release, balloons from celebrations. Balloons often end up our waterways and the ocean, where sea turtles may mistake it for food.
  • Boat slowly in waters where sea turtles are known or seen.
  • Recycle your fishing lines and hooks, abandoning them in the water may entangle and kill sea turtles. 
  • Ask how and where seafood was caught before ordering it at a restaurant or purchasing it at a store. Try to buy only seafood that was caught using sustainable methods and did not harm sea turtles.
  • While on vacation, be mindful that not all wildlife products for sale are legal. No sea turtle part or a product made with sea turtle parts is legal is buy and it is not legal to bring back to the United States.