Central Flyway Wingbee Report 2020

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Central Flyway Wingbee Report 2020

This 2020 preliminary, unverified report includes the unweighted results of the collective efforts of the Central Flyway's wingbee participants.  It summarizes the species composition of the examined duck wings and goose tails/wingtips, the age and sex composition of the flyway-wide sample of the most important species, the age and sex composition at the state level, and a table of historical participation in Central Flyway Wingbees.

Forty seven attendees examined 20,787 parts, about 3,300 more than the previous year (17,505). The total number of duck wings (17,398) was almost 3,000 higher than that of 2019 (14,441), whereas the goose parts (3,389) were only slightly higher than 2019 (3,064).

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James Dubovsky
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