Management Plan for the European Green Crab

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Management Plan for the European Green Crab

The National European Green Crab (EGC) Management and Control Plan was developed by a multi-agency European Green Crab Working Group for implementation by the Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force following final approval. The purpose of the EGC Management Plan is to guide local, state, and federal agencies, Tribal communities, and other stakeholders in detecting EGC in the earliest stages of invasion, responding rapidly to new detections to determine extent of invasion, and implementing immediate containment or eradication actions. The overall objective is to minimize the likelihood of further spread and establishment in other locations, and reduce the impacts in areas where EGC are already established. This plan aims to serve as the baseline for the development and implementation of, as well as the integration with, regional plans such as the Salish Sea Transboundary Action Plan for Invasive European Green Crab and the Early Detection and Rapid Response Plan for Invasive European Green Crab (Carcinus maenas) in Alaska 2023–2028” (previously known as the  “Alaska Action Plan for Invasive European Green Crab").

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