Rapid Response Plan for Invasive Terrestrial and Emergent Plants (PDF)

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In this document, we provide guidance for treatment options for some of the most widespread invasive plant species found in Alaska, as well as for some species with a high likelihood of becoming invasive in the state. In particular, this document focuses on terrestrial and emergent invasive plants. This document provides a framework for identifying partners, establishing leadership structures, directing communication, and moving through the regulatory permitting process. By streamlining these steps, we hope to enable rapid and efficient response to a multitude of invasive plant species, thereby limiting the impact they may have on Alaskan ecosystems. The goal of this document is to consolidate information and facilitate communication within the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as among partners. Many actions outlined in this document are specific to the USFWS, and may not be relevant for other agencies or organizations. However, the framework and specific tasks outlined within the document can be modified to reflect the mandates, authorities, and jurisdictions of other agencies or organizations. Separate direction for submerged aquatic invasive plant species can be found in the Alaska Regional Elodea Rapid Response Plan.

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Our regional headquarters is primarily comprised of administrative offices, law enforcement, and the offices of our regional leadership. At this location, you can find staff from our Alaska Migratory Birds Office, Alaska Marine Mammals Office, Conservation Genetics Lab, Ecological Services (...
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Invasive species are non-native plants, animals and other living organisms that thrive in areas where they don’t naturally live and cause (or are likely to cause) economic or environmental harm, or harm to human, animal or plant health. Invasive species degrade, change or displace native habitats,...
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