Sandhill Crane Populations in North America

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For management purposes, migratory sandhill cranes have been grouped into six populations for management purposes, despite their subspecies affiliation: Central Valley, Eastern, Lower Colorado River Valley, Mid-Continent, Pacific Coast (also called the Pacific Flyway), and the Rocky Mountain Populations. The Mid-Continent Population is comprised of both subspecies of sandhill cranes, whereas the other populations are comprised almost exclusively of either the greater or lesser subspecies. More information on the sandhill crane can be found in the Sandhill Crane, A Funding Strategy II document.

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Kammie Kruse
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A large bird with brown feathers, white head, and yellow beak flies against a pale blue sky
The Migratory Bird Program works with partners to protect, restore and conserve bird populations and their habitats for the benefit of future generations by: ensuring long-term ecological sustainability of all migratory bird populations, increasing socioeconomic benefits derived from birds,...
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