Archived Director's Orders

NumberDateSubjectDispositionsDisposition Date
11Intra-Service NEPA Planning and Documentation - Environmental Action Memorandum (EAM)Superseded by 550 FW 3
14Redelegation of Authority (Personnel, Contracting and General Services, Engineering, Safety and Security, Information Resources Management, Budget and Finance)Superseded by 033 FW 1 - 16
19Termination of the Issuance of U.S. Deputy Game Warden CommissionsExpired
21Increases in Approval Authority and Review Threshold for Automated Data Processing and Data Telecommunications AcquisitionsExpired
24Acceptance of Donations of Money and Personal PropertySuperseded by 033 FW 8 and 12
32Redelegation of Authority - Paid Advertising for Recruitment PurposesSuperseded by 033 FW 1
34Deposit of Migratory Bird Treaty Act Fines, Penalties, and Funds from Sales of Forfeited Property into the North American Wetlands Conservation FundExpired
43Covenants Not to Sue for Natural Resource Damages: Documentation and Participation in Negotiation and InvestigationExpired
51Interim Acquisition Policy Establishing a Servicewide Affirmative Procurement ProgramSuperseded by 303 FW 1-7
62Certifying IRS Eligibility of Required Quarters OccupantsSuperseded by 371 FW 3
67Flood Response PolicyExpired
69Service Eagle Distribution PolicySuperseded by 720 FW 6
71Membership in Community OrganizationsExpired
72Responsibilities and Delegations of Authority for Native Endangered and Threatened Species Take and Interstate Commerce Recovery PermitsSuperseded by DO 143
75Reassignment of the Division of BudgetRevoked by DO 91
76Redelegation of Authority for the Review and Approval of Level I Preacquisition Contaminants SurveysSuperseded by 341 FW 3
77Direction of Settlement Monies from Criminal CasesExpired
78Health and Physical Fitness Activities: Use of Appropriated Funds, Use of Duty Time/Excused AbsenceSuperseded by 304 FW 2
80Authority to Approve Special Achievement AwardsRevoked by DO 92
81Delegation of Authority to Sponsor, Select Sites for, and Travel to ConferencesSuperseded by 033 FW 2
79Reassignment of the Division of Policy and Directives Management, Office of Safety and Health, and Aircraft ManagementExpired
83Reassignment of the Office of Training and EducationSuperseded by 024 FW 1
84Migratory Bird and Eagle Permits: Program Reassignment, Review CommitteeSuperseded by 724 FW 1
86Revision of Personnel Property Accountability Control ProceduresSuperseded by 310 FW 1-8
87Reassignment of Duck Stamp OfficeExpired
88Establishment of an Oversight Committee for the National Education Training CenterSuperseded by 024 FW 1
89Redelegation of Authority - Removal of Official Government Identification and Markings on Administrative VehiclesExpired. See 41 CFR 101-34.195(m)
90Inclusion of Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN) on Orders and ContractsExpired
92Interim Awards PolicySuperseded by 224 FW 3-6
91Reassignment of the Division of BudgetSuperseded by 020 FW 1
93Fish/Wildlife Forensics LabExpired
94Use of Private Sector Temporary ServicesExpired
95Membership in Community OrganizationsExpired
96Use of Child Safety Locking (Gun Lock) DevicesSuperseded by 241 FW 11
97Redelegation of Authority - SpaceSuperseded by 370 FW 2
98Procedures and Contractual Instruments for Habitat Development Projects on Private Lands or Under the North American ProgramsExpired
99Delegation of Authority for Classification and Staffing at the GS-14 LevelSuperseded by DO 133
100Health and Fitness Program (Wellness Program) for Law Enforcement OfficersSuperseded by 223 FW 8
101Plain Language in Fish and Wildlife Service DocumentsSuperseded by 116 FW 1
102Congressional Requests for Documents and RecordsSuperseded by 282 FW 3
103Electronic Mail and Management of Electronic RecordsSuperseded by 270 FW 9
105Centralized Library of Servicewide PoliciesSuperseded by 125 FW 1
104Delegation of Authority - Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration ActivitiesSuperseded by DO 177
106Unsung Hero Award ProgramExpired
107Serving as an Officer in an Outside OrganizationSuperseded by 212 FW 4
108Reimbursable Agreements Between State Departments of Transportation and the Fish and Wildlife Service for Transportation Planning ActivitiesSuperseded by 267 FW 1
110Inclusion of Ecosystem Approach ConceptExpired
111Information Collection Approval ProcessSuperseded by 281 FW 4 and 5
112Requirements for Reviewing, Approving and Updating AppraisalsExpired
113Professional Liability InsuranceSuperseded by 228 FW 1
114Settlement Agreements of Equal Employment Opportunity Complaints and Personnel ActionSuperseded by DO 123
115Credit HoursSuperseded by 226 FW 1
116Wilderness Stewardship TrainingSuperseded by 610 FW 1-5
119Employee Recognition and Incentives ProgramSuperseded by DO 133
117Domestic Partner Assistance ProgramExpired
118Approval of Outside Employment With a Prohibited SourceSuperseded by 212 FW 5
120Service Facility and Refuge Entrance SignsSuperseded by the FWS Sign Handbook
121Volunteer Monetary AwardsSuperseded by 150 FW 3
122Fitness Center Membership FeesSuperseded by 228 FW 3
123Settlement Agreements for Equal Opportunity Complaints, Personnel Actions, and Conflict Resolution ProgramSuperseded by DO 134
124Requirements for Reviewing, Approving, and Updating AppraisalsExpired
125Wilderness Review and EvaluationExpired
126Fish and Wildlife Service Presidential Management Intern ProgramSuperseded by 223 FW 9
127National Environmental Policy Act Compliance ChecklistExpired
128Habitat-Based Impact Assessment TrainingExpired
129Federal Aid Grant Audit ResolutionSuperseded by 417 FW 4
130Reassignment of the National Eagle and Wildlife Property RepositoryExpired, made obsolete by 142 DM 9, 5/16/22
131Applicability of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act to Federal Agencies and the Requirement for PermitsSuperseded by 724 FW 2
132National Wildlife Refuge System Mission, Goals, and PurposesSuperseded by 601 FW 1
133Personnel Delegations of AuthorityExpired
135Delegation of Authority - Sikes ActSuperseded by 507 FW 1
136Burned Area Emergency Stabilization and RehabilitationExpired
137Delegation of Authority - Actual Subsistence ExpensesSuperseded by 265 FW 6
138Ozone Depleting Substances Phase-Out PlanSuperseded by 561 FW 1
139Concession ContractsSuperseded by 630 FW 6-8
140Disciplinary Actions for Misuse of Government Credit CardsSuperseded by DO 149
141Disciplinary Action for Unauthorized Activities in the Course of Scientific Studies or InvestigationsExpired
142Nonretaliation Against Small EntitiesSuperseded by 205 FW 1
143Responsibilities and Delegations of Authority for Native Endangered and Threatened Species PermitsSuperseded by 730 FW 1
144Greening the Service through Environmental LeadershipSuperseded by 565 FW 1
134Settlement Agreements Resulting from Equal Opportunity Actions, Personnel Actions, and the Conflict Resolution (CORE) ProgramSuperseded by 061 FW 4
145Customer Service Excellence AwardsExpired
146Joint Venture AdministrationSuperseded by 721 FW 6
147Renaming and Reorganizing the Division of Law EnforcementExpired, made obsolete by 142 DM 9, 5/16/22
148Coordination and Cooperative Work with State Fish and Wildlife Agency Representatives on Management of the National Wildlife Refuge SystemSuperseded by 601 FW 7
149Disciplinary Actions for Misuse or Nonpayment of Government-Issued Charge CardsExpired
150Payment of Federal Employees Health Benefits Program Premiums for Employees Called to Active DutySuperseded by 228 FW 5
151Load Securement when Transporting Heavy and Light Duty EquipmentSuperseded by 243 FW 1
152Allowable Recreational Activities and Related Facilities on Federal Assistance LandsSuperseded by 522 FW 21
153Expenditures in Support of the 2003 Centennial of the National Wildlife Refuge SystemExpired
154Vacancy Announcements for Law Enforcement and Firefighter PositionsExpired
155National Wildlife Refuge System Law Enforcement Program ReformsExpired
156Budget Changes in Federal Assistance GrantsSuperseded by 522 FW 23
157Service Financial Accounting Policy for Property, Plant, and Equipment and Stewardship AssetsSuperseded by DO 174
158Compiling an Administrative RecordSuperseded by 282 FW 5
159Delegation of Authority - Competitive Sourcing Official DutiesSuperseded by 033 FW 16
160Personnel Actions for GS-14 and 15 PositionsExpired
161Nonmonetary RecognitionExpired
163Delegation of Authority - Sales of Land Purchased Pursuant to Lahontan Valley Water Rights Acquisition ProgramExpired
165Attendance at Department of Defense Schools in Guam and Puerto RicoSuperseded by 228 FW 6
168Program Income from Federal Assistance GrantsSuperseded by 522 FW 19
166Authority for Manager, California/Nevada Operations OfficeSuperseded by Director's Order 192
167Allowable Commercial Activities and Related Facilities on Federal Assistance LandsSuperseded by 522 FW 22
169Delegation of Authority - Fish Passage Project FundsSuperseded by 710 FW 1
171Field Station Support of Construction InspectionSuperseded by 360 FW 4
172Responsibilities of Federal Agencies to Protect Migratory Birds in Accordance with Executive Order 13186Superseded by 720 FW 2
173Use of Department of the Interior (DOI) Wildland Firefighter Standardized Position DescriptionsExpired
174Plant, Property, and Equipment Financial Management Guidance HandbookSuperseded by 260 FW 7
175Useful Life of Capital Improvements Funded by Federal Assistance GrantsSuperseded by 522 FW 18
178Establishment and Use of Land Value as MatchSuperseded by 522 FW 24
179Determining Approval and Effective Dates for Federal Assistance GrantsSuperseded by 522 FW 25
176Environmental Cleanup Liability (ECL) ReportingSuperseded by 260 FW 6
177Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration - Delegation of Authority and Guidelines for Preparing Fund Requests and RecordkeepingExpired
180Financial Planning ServicesSuperseded by 228 FW 4
181Lifting the Biweekly Pay CapSuperseded by 225 FW 7
182Loss of Control and Disposal of Real PropertySuperseded by 522 FW 20
170Land and Water Conservation Fund/North American Wetland Conservation Act Minimally-Restrictive Conservation Easement Acquisition PolicySuperseded by 341 FW 6
164Migratory Bird Conservation Fund - Minimally Restrictive Conservation Easement Acquisition PolicySuperseded by 341 FW 6
183Working with Friends Organizations and Cooperating/Interpretive Association Sales Outlets and Book StoresSuperseded by 633 FW 1 - 4
184Use of Federal Assistance Funds for Operation and Maintenance of Land and Water Conservation Fund ProjectsSuperseded by Amendment 1, 522 FW 7
185Compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1993, when Acquiring Electronic and Information TechnologySuperseded by 270 FW 4
186Delegation of Authority - Approval of Leased SpaceSuperseded by 370 FW 3
187Performance-Based AwardsSuperseded by 224 FW 4
188Expenditures in Support of the Volunteer and Community Partnership Act of 1998Expired (superseded by 150 FW 1 - 3, 212 FW 8, and 301 FW 6)
189Delegation of Authority - Unauthorized Commitments of $100,000 or LessSuperseded by 301 FW 6
190Fish Advisories in National Wildlife Refuges, Wetland Management Districts, and National Fish HatcheriesExpired
191Authority to Waive Dual Compensation Reduction in Support of Wildland Firefighting OperationsExpired
192Renaming the California/Nevada Operations Office (CNO) to Region 8Expired
193Fish and Wildlife Service Wireless ImplementationSuperseded by 270 FW 5
195Delegation of Authority to Conduct Large Fire Cost ReviewsExpired
196Publishing Scientific Articles in the Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management, North American Fauna, and Publication Outlets External to the ServiceSuperseded by 117 FW 1
197Use of Standard Position DescriptionsSuperseded by 225 FW 1
198Legacy Associate ProgramExpired
200Reemployment of Civilian Retirees under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2010Expired
201Procedure for Establishing a Natural Resource Damage Assessment Project NumberExpired
202Requirements for Acquiring Refuge Law Enforcement Officer Dress UniformExpired
203IT TransformationExpired
204Discontinuance of the Trigger Finger/Retention Style Holster for Refuge Law Enforcement OfficersExpired
206Use of the Incident Management and Analysis Reporting System (FWS-IMARS) (formerly known as LE-IMAGS)Expired
207Acceptance of Equivalent Federal Training to Meet Mandatory RequirementsSuperseded by 231 FW 3
208Urban Wildlife Refuge Designation and PartnershipsSuperseded by 110 FW 1
209Required Use of the Human Capital Management System Modules ServicewideSuperseded by 223 FW 10
211Streamlining Business Practices Through the Use of Standard Position Descriptions (SPDs) and Consistent Qualification DeterminationsExpired
214Phased Retirement PolicySuperseded by 223 FW 15
215Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Settlement AuthorityExpired
216Delegation of Authority to the Assistant Director - Information Resources and Technology Management for Certain Servicewide Requirements and ProceduresSuperseded by 270 FW 1
218Establishment of Policy Regarding Voluntary Prelisting Conservation ActionsSuperseded by 735 FW 1
219Use of Nontoxic Ammunition and Fishing TackleRevoked by Secretarial Order 3346
221Establishment of the Assistant Director for Management and Administration (AD-MA) and the Joint Administrative Operations (JAO) Organization, including a Crosswalk to Previous ResponsibilitiesSuperseded/made obsolete by 142 DM 13, published 5/16/2022
222Establishment of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Policy for Electric Bicycle Use on National Wildlife Refuge System LandsSuperseded by 85 FR 69223 / 50 CFR 27.31(m)
223Delegating the Director’s Digital Signature on Federal Register (FR) Packages Using His/Her SurnameSuperseded by 202 FW 1
224Procedures Intended to Improve the Efficiency of Processing CITES PermitsExpired