Existing Manuals, Handbooks, and Other Directives

Amended Date(s)
12/31/2005, 12/31/2006, 12/31/2007


Subject: Existing Manuals, Handbooks and Other Directives

Sec. 1  Purpose. This order provides for converting the myriad of separate manuals, handbooks, and other directives within the Service to conform with the new directives system implemented in the Fish and Wildlife Service Manual on May 29, 1991 (010 FW 1).

Sec. 2  Conversion.

     a. Assistant Directors and the Regional Director - Region 8 will submit the contents of all existing manuals, handbooks, and other separate directives for conversion into, and in a manner consistent with, the Service's directives system as described in 010 FW 1.4.

     b. The Deputy Director-Staff will supervise the conversion, and will be assisted by the Assistant Director Policy, Budget and Administration and the Division of Policy and Directives Management.

Sec. 3 Revocation. Effective September 30, 1993, all manuals, handbooks, and other directives issued prior to May 29, 1991 are revoked.  This includes, but is not limited to the following:

     a. Administrative Manual (AM)

     b. Contracting Officers Manual (COM)

     c. Ecological Services Manual (ESM)

     d. Farm Bill Sourcebook (FBS)

     e. Federal Aid Manual (FAM)

     f. Fish Hatchery Manual (FHM)

     g. Import/Export Manual (WI)

     h. Law Enforcement Manual (LE)

     i. Navigable Waters Handbook (NWH)

     j. Program Management System Manual (PMS)

     k. Realty Manual (REM)

     l. Refuge Manual (RM)

     m. Research and Development Policy Handbook (RDPH)

     n. Resource Contaminant Assessment Field Manual (RCA)

Sec. 5 Effective Date. This order is effective immediately. Its provisions will remain in effect until the conversion has been completed, or until it is amended or superseded, whichever occurs first. However, in the absence of the foregoing actions, the provisions of this Order will terminate and be considered obsolete on December 31, 1993.

/sgd/ RICHARD N. SMITH     

Deputy Director 

Date: Mar 25, 1992