Delegation of Authority - Additions to Existing Refuges

United States Department of the Interior

Washington, D.C. 20240

  In Reply Refer To:
 FWS/RE: CCU95-01965                                                                                               June 27, 1996

To:                  Regional Directors, Regions 1-7

From:              Director

Subject:           Delegation of Authority – Additions to Existing Refuges 

This memorandum increases the authority of Regional Directors to expand existing unit boundaries; via purchase, exchange, or donation; from the current limitation of 40 acres to a cumulative total of 10 percent of the approved acquisition boundary acreage or 40 acres, which ever is greater. This delegation is subject to the following:

1.The addition must be contiguous or adjacent to the established unit and clearly beneficial for its management. Adjacent is defined as being located within one mile from the established boundary. This delegation cannot be used to acquire a separately managed division of the initial unit or to acquire a parcel with no programmatic relationship to the established refuge.

2.A Preliminary Project Proposal (PPP) need not be completed; however, all other appropriate Service planning and compliance requirements must be completed.

3.The Director will receive three copies of the Regional decision document, or its equivalent, for each addition. The accompanying maps are to be sufficient in detail to accurately depict the new unit boundary and allow for the transfer of the detail to subsequent status maps.

This delegation of authority also applies to additions to an established refuge via Memoranda of Understanding, Cooperative Agreements, or similar agreements where lands or interests in lands are not acquired; however, the acreage limitation does not apply.

Director's approval of a PPP will continue to be obtained if acquisitions are to exceed a cumulative total of 10 percent of the Director's approved acreage for the unit. An exception is that a refuge whose specific boundary is established or expanded by congressional direction, as opposed to general legislative authority, is exempted from the PPP process.

This delegation of authority cannot be reassigned.

If you have questions regarding this delegation of authority, contact the Assistant Director - Refuges and Wildlife or Jeffery Donahoe, Chief, Division of Realty at (703) 358-1713.

/s/ John G. Rogers