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Ennis National Fish Hatchery Named Hatchery of the Year

DENVER-The Ennis National Fish Hatchery has been recognized as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (Service) 2016 Hatchery of the year.

The hatchery is being recognized for innovative thinking in the construction of a vertical wetland for the treatment of hatchery wastewater effluent.   Conventional wastewater treatment systems are much more expensive to construct and maintain and are not as effective at reducing the dissolved nutrients found in hatchery effluent.  Though this type of effluent treatment is unique in the United States, it is widespread in Europe for small municipal wastewater treatment facilities.  The approach used at Ennis National Fish Hatchery demonstrates environmental innovation and a wise use of public funds.

“Being designated the Hatchery of the Year is quite an honor,” said Greg Gerlich, Mountain-Prairie Region assistant regional director for Fish and Aquatic Conservation.  “This award recognizes the dedication and innovation of our hatchery employees to find every opportunity to be environmentally conscious.”

As a result of this innovative effort, this project will be a pilot test of this new technology for the Service.

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