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Service Provides Over $14 Million to Benefit Local Communities, Clean Waterways and Recreational Boaters
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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is distributing more than $14 million in Clean Vessel Act grants to improve water quality and increase opportunities for fishing, shellfish harvests and safe swimming in the nation’s waterways. By helping recreational boaters properly dispose of sewage, this year’s grants will improve conditions for local communities, wildlife and recreational boaters in 18 states and Guam. 

Since the inception of CVA in 1993, these grants have allocated more than $359 million to support partner agencies in their efforts to keep waterways clean by ensuring recreational boaters have a safe, convenient and effective way to dispose of on-board sewage. CVA grant funds are administered annually through the Service’s Office of Conservation Investment in support of state, commonwealth, territory and District of Columbia agency efforts.

“Along with supporting the construction and maintenance of essential facilities for boaters, CVA funds play a critical role in fostering clean and safe waterways that support recreation and conservation,” said Service Director Martha Williams. “The Service is pleased to support our partner agencies and the boating community in their efforts to keep our nation’s waterways healthy, safe and accessible for people and wildlife.” 

In FY 2024, 18 states and Guam will receive a total of $14.6 million in federal funding support for 25 grant projects that support the construction, renovation, operation and maintenance of pump-out stations and waste reception facilities for recreational boaters. Partner agencies will also provide more than $4.7 million in non-federal matching funds. Recipients will use CVA funding for a variety of projects including the maintenance and addition of new pump-out facilities, the addition of floating restrooms accessible to people with disabilities, and mobile pump-out vessels to service recreational boats. Grant funds will also support education about the importance of clean water and the impact boaters can have on human and environmental health through the proper disposal of vessel sewage, including environmental pollution and health problems that can result from direct sewage discharge into waterways.

States receiving CVA grants this year include Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.

Funds for the program are generated through the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund and are derived annually from excise taxes on fishing equipment, motorboat and small engine fuels, and import duties and interest on the fund. State agencies that receive CVA funds also provide at least 25% of the grant project’s costs. These partnership efforts are a win-win for clean water and the many people who enjoy recreational boating and the great outdoors.

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