Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit

Visitors may access the 1.5 mile nature trail adjacent to Powell Creek year-round from sunrise to sunset.

James River National Wildlife Refuge is open to wildlife-dependent activities (See Visitor Activities page). A nature trail and kiosk information area is open to the public sunrise to sunset, 7 days a week. For other wildlife-dependent activities like canoe/kayaking and hunting a special use permit is required. Dress appropriately for the weather and bring sufficient water.

In September 2020, James River National Wildlife Refuge opened the Powell Creek nature trail to the public. A virtual ceremony took place to celebrate the opening which can be viewed here. To learn more about the event and the nature trail, read the news release.

An information kiosk welcomes visitors at 4550 Flowerdew Hundred Road and serves as the trail head. Visitors can walk the trail which follows Powell Creek for a half mile and then extends across an earthen dike to a small forested island surrounded by freshwater marsh. The total length of the trail is approximately 1.5 miles. For a map of the trail, click here. 

Directions & Contact Info

Administrative Office/Eastern Virginia Rivers NWRC Sub-Office

11116 Kimages Road
Charles City, VA 23030

Directions to the Administrative Office: Turn North onto Kimages Road (Route 658) from John Tyler Memorial Highway (Route 5). Proceed approximately 1 mile and turn right into the Harrison Lake National Fish Hatchery Campus. The refuge office is located in the fourth brick building.

James River National Wildlife Refuge

Visitors wishing to walk the 1.5 mile Powell Creek nature trail or participants of refuge sponsored events may access the public use area at:
4550 Flowerdew Hundred Road
Hopewell, VA 23860

All other uses of the refuge must be approved by permit (see our Permits Page).

Directions to Refuge: Turn North onto Flowerdew Hundred Road (Route 639) from James River Drive (Route 10). Proceed approximately one mile and turn left (at Information Kiosk Sign).