Snow-capped Mt. Adams. Bugling elk. Nesting Sandhill cranes. Rare Oregon spotted frogs. The calls of birds migrating from far-off lands. A special place hidden nearby. Conboy Lake Wildlife Refuge.
Wood duck sitting on water
Duck Stamps Impact On Conboy Lake

The establishment and sale of Duck Stamps has had a profound impact on conservation in this country—including Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

Duck Stamp Impact

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Whitcomb-Cole Hewn Log House

Picture a rustic cabin in a grassy meadow bursting with colorful blooms. The smell of tall, ruddy-barked ponderosa pines fills the air. The distinctive trumpeting of Sandhill cranes echoes throughout the refuge as they descend to their valley home. Calm water reflects the rich and varied greens of meadows and forested hills. Dancing glints of sunlight catch the eye as a stream winds its way from hill to lake. This, in part, is the experience of Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge, and you are welcome here. In fact, people have been coming here for millennia. Native Americans found life-sustaining resources in abundance, and nineteenth century settlers could see its tremendous potential as a place to call home. All the while, the wildlife lived here, too.

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      Nestled near the foot of Mount Adams in Washington's Cascades Range, Conboy Lake NWR is a scenic gem within the National Wildlife Refuge System. Conboy Lake's lush seasonal marshes and vibrant forested uplands beckon to both visitors and wildlife. Located within an easy drive of Portland, Oregon, Conboy Lake is being 'discovered' by those seeking diverse scenery, idyllic recreational opportunities and a link to the history of the Northwest.