Grays Lake National Wildlife Refuge is located in Southeast Idaho, 30 miles north of Soda Springs, Idaho. The Refuge was created to protect a portion of the historic Grays Lake, a high elevation 22,000 acre bulrush marsh that hosts the largest breeding population of sandhill cranes in North America.

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From photography to hiking, there are many wonderful adventures to experience at Grays Lake! The Refuge is a considerable distance from most amenities, and visitors should plan accordingly.

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      The large expansive wetland habitats within this montane marsh attract numerous bird species, including waterfowl, shorebirds, and wading birds, including the largest breeding concentration of Sandhill cranes in North America. The Service has documented almost 250 species of birds on the Refuge, of which approximately 100 species known to nest within its boundaries. The Refuge provides significant habitat for breeding waterfowl in the late spring and early summer, and nesting habitat for colonial birds, including a large mixed colony of white-faced ibis and Franklin’s gulls.

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      Cranes use Grays Lake as a stopover site during their migration and a segment of the Rocky Mountain Population nests and rears colts along the edges of the marsh. Refuge staff manage habitats to provide for the life requirements of these birds. 

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      National wildlife refuges provide many opportunities for you to help your community by doing what you love. National wildlife refuges partner with volunteers, youth groups, landowners, neighbors and residents of urban and coastal communities to make a lasting difference.