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In the recent past, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service managed year-round field camps offering six-month volunteer positions at Kauō (Laysan) and Tern Islands. Currently, the Refuge does not have the staff or infrastructure capacity to operate a safe island-based field operation.  However, we are planning to offer volunteer opportunities in the near future to help plan and build capacity for the remote island field camps to become operable.  To continue offering you support consider joining the Refuge's cooperating association at Friends of Hawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge.    

Our Partners

The National Wildlife Refuge System is committed to building partnerships which encourage conservation and preservation of our natural and cultural resources. Scientifically-informed and technologically-based stewardship of our public lands, waters, wildlife and special places must be collaborative efforts between the Refuge System, other government agencies, and private organizations if conservation efforts are to succeed. 

On June 15, 2006, President Bush signed a proclamation that created the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument (re-named the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument on March 2nd, 2007). The monument is managed jointly by four co-trustees – the Department of the Interior, the Department of Commerce, the State of Hawai'I and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. 

An “official” Friends of Hawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge formed in 2015 and has continually supported the wildlife habitat and educational efforts of the refuge and Monument. If you are interested in becoming a supporting member of the Friends group, please visit their website for more information.   

For more information, contact Hawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge staff at 808 792-9480.

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