Image of crowd of people on bikes at information station

Cycling the refuge road affords scenic views of Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, and an opportunity to view wildlife that may be hard to spot from a moving vehicle. During the busy summer months, accessing the refuge by bike can be a great way to visit the refuge. Visitors are allowed to bike onto the refuge when it is otherwise closed for vehicle capacity. Both conventional and electric ("e-bikes") bicycles are permitted at the refuge. While fat tire ("fat bikes") are allowed on the refuge road, they are not allowed on the beach to protect shorebirds and the fragile dune habitat. A bike fixit station is located at the refuge visitor center.

The 6.4-mile refuge road is shared by vehicles, bikers, and pedestrians. Approximately 3.5 miles consists of paved asphalt, followed by a gravel road that terminates on the southern tip of the island. The refuge road provides views of the salt marsh salt marsh
Salt marshes are found in tidal areas near the coast, where freshwater mixes with saltwater.

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, maritime forest, salt pannes, and Plum Island sound. Biking is never permitted on refuge trails, boardwalks, or the beach.

During the year, the refuge periodically hosts bike-centered events, including cycling tours, bike rodeos, and open streets days. Visit the events page to find out more about upcoming refuge bike programs.