Wild Turkey Hunter

Hunting at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge represents both a traditional recreational use and serves as an important wildlife management tool. All hunters are required to adhere to state and federal regulations. Hunting units A, B, C, and D are archery only for hunting big game, small game, and furbearers. Hunters in units A, B, C, and D must possess a valid state hunting license and all applicable tags and stamps, however, an additional refuge-specific permit is not required. Hunting dogs are permitted only when assisting with waterfowl hunting and retrieval. Trapping and baiting are never allowed at the refuge.

As part of Parker River NWR's comprehensive wildlife management plan, an annual two-day, permit-only deer hunt is offered for shotguns and muzzleloaders. This hunt takes place on the 1,400-acre Plum Island section of the refuge (map)(regulations). Applications must be submitted through the RecAccess site between September 1st and September 30th, and winners are chosen through a randomized lottery.

In cooperation with the League of Essex County Sportsmen’s Clubs, the refuge conducts a Youth Waterfowl Hunt each October. The hunt includes a waterfowl ID presentation, water/marsh/hunt safety presentation, and a blind set up one day, followed by a supervised hunt on a reserved section of the refuge. Dates are determined by refuge staff annually.

The refuge is located in Massachusetts Wildlife Management Zone 10, and the Coastal Zone for waterfowl hunting. A map and detailed refuge regulations pertaining to waterfowl and migratory game bird hunting can be found here. Legal open seasons and bag limits are in accordance with state regulations, which can be found on the MassWildlife website here and here.

Hunting opportunities in Areas A, B, C & D (map):

Big GameDeer (archery only)
Upland Game BirdsCrow, pheasant, quail, ruffed grouse, wild turkey
Small GameCottontail rabbit, snowshoe hare, gray squirrel
FurbearersBobcat, coyote, fox (red or gray), opossum, raccoon
Migratory Game BirdsSora rail, Virginia rail, snipe, woodcock
WaterfowlCanada goose, snow goose, blue goose, American coot, mergansers, ducks (see MassWildlife species list), sea ducks (see MassWildlife species list), brant
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