Meet the Summer Artist in Residence - Tamara Major

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As a way to regularly engage with the local community, Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, in collaboration with Friends of Parker River, hosts an artist-in-residence program, that features art from the nearby area. Below is the narrative from the current artist, Tamara Major, in her own words.


I have created these paintings with a reverence for nature. The natural beauty that surrounds us beckons me to document it because I am observing an ephemeral & miraculous sight that will look different tomorrow. Nature has always brought me solace & peace. In painting I try to capture the essence of a place as I experience it, a moment in time, as if to freeze it. I love seeing a lot of light & shadows at play, and the challenge of bringing that into a painting.

With all that is happening today: media inundation, political disconnects, dissonance, environmental noise (not to mention global warming and mankind’s aptitude for destruction), I take comfort in these places. So if I can derive a moment of meditative, peaceful reflection from one of these places as it exists today and pass that on to you, I have achieved my goal. There are several other styles I employ in my art-making world but these acrylic paintings reflect my most serious, contemplative side. For 25 years I worked in the Boston area as a graphic designer, doing both design & production. I worked on book & magazine covers & interiors, educational & medical projects, travel material, newsletters, greeting cards, CD designs, packaging, and many other items for many different, eclectic clients. I am no longer doing graphics, and these days I can be as creative as I like with my projects.




I currently sell cards & prints at 3 galleries/craft/gift shops in the Greater Boston area: Arlington Centered, Davis Squared, & The Shop at Walden Pond.

You can find more of Tamara's art via her website

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