Service seeks Proposals for National Outreach and Communication Program

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is seeking proposals from applicants to implement the National Outreach and Communication Program (NOCP) for sportfishing and boating.  

The program was established by the 1998 Sportfishing and Boating Safety Act in response to declines in recreational boating and fishing participation. The Act required the Department of the Interior Secretary to implement a National Outreach and Communication Program  that would address recreational boating and fishing participation and promote conservation and responsible use of the nation’s aquatic resources. Specifically, the NOCP was established to: 

  1. Improve communications with anglers, boaters, and the general public regarding angling and boating opportunities; 

  2. Reduce barriers to participation in these activities; 

  3. Advance adoption of sound fishing and boating practices; 

  4. Promote conservation and the responsible use of the Nation's aquatic resources; and 

  5. Further safety in fishing and boating. 

The NOCP is funded by 2% of the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund that is supported by excise taxes on fishing equipment, motorboat fuel, and other sources. Because of this, the annual amount of funding available will vary depending on the trust fund income generated by excise taxes. Since 2007, the amount awarded for the NOCP has been between $10.7 and $14.2 million per year.  Projected funding levels for FY 2026 through FY 2028 are contingent upon future programmatic reauthorizations.  

Organizations with experience in the following areas are encouraged to apply:   

  • Planning and executing major national marketing and outreach campaigns.   

  • Identifying and communicating with targeted audiences to achieve increased awareness, participation, and behavior change in outdoor recreation, aquatic conservation, fishing, and boating activities.   

Complete application information can be found on under assistance listing F23AS00028 National Outreach and Communication Program

Complete applications must be submitted in by 11:59 ET, October 31, 2022. Incomplete or partial applications will not be considered. To be accepted for consideration applicants must submit a complete project proposal by the stated deadline and must include all of the required forms and supporting material requested.  Proposals that are received late or lacking any of the required elements will not be considered. However, applicants may revise and resubmit their application up until the identified application deadline.    

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