Join the journey of a tiny Oregon silverspot butterfly to see how partnership puts the wind beneath their wings

Meet Spot. He is a tiny Oregon silverspot butterfly caterpillar facing big challenges. Predation, lack of food, disappearing habitat – the struggle is real for this little guy.

Spot's story begins decades ago when the Oregon silverspot butterfly fluttered over a range of coastal prairies and mountain meadows. Unfortunately, these habitats have been in rapid decline for decades. Spot and his family have been wiped out from at least 11 colonies along the West Coast.

Currently, this butterfly inhabits just 4 locations in Oregon and 1 in California. A limited flight range of 4 miles makes this territory seem even smaller.

Fortunately for Spot and his friends, there are many federal, state, non profit, and volunteer partners getting their hands dirty to help the Oregon silverspot recover from the brink of extinction. Come along with Spot on his transformational journey and learn how many hands (and even a few paws) are helping him overcome obstacles to take flight in future generations!

Soar along with Spot in this interactive story map