Youth Making a Difference

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Encouraging stewardship of lands and natural resources and fostering a commitment to public service are important key points in the vision of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. As a wonderful example of both, Zoe and Emma Mantle are making a difference.    

Zoe and Emma are from Taylorsville, Kentucky, about 100 miles north of Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery. These two young ladies care about environmental issues and conservation, and wanted to take action! During a garage sale, Zoe and Emma decided to set up a booth with signs encouraging conservation, along with a donation box. Once donations were complete, the girls decided to bring the money to Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery. On a Saturday in October, these girls visited the hatchery and proudly donated $60.50. This money will go to the Friends of Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery, Inc., which provides resources for and promotes conservation work, environmental education, and recreational fishing.

You do not have to be an adult to make a difference when it comes to the environment and conservation. As these young ladies have demonstrated, taking initiative and personal responsibility to educate others can be done at any age. We are proud of Zoe and Emma for their efforts, and appreciate all who continue to make a difference.

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