Discussion Questions for The Bald Eagle
Poster for America’s Wild Read Fall 2023 with head and shoulders image of author and image of book cover for The Bald Eagle: The Improbable Journey of America's Bird. Graphics: Richard DeVries/USFWS

This fall, America’s Wild Read is back in session featuring a biography of our national bird, The Bald Eagle: The Improbable Journey of America’s Bird by Jack E. Davis. Come join us on Thursday, November 16 at 3 PM EST for our online book discussion and share your thoughts and perspectives on a few of the following questions.   

The Wild Read book club meetings are a place where the readers reflect on the reading, answer discussion questions, and enjoy some time together through a conversation on conservation literature. Feel free to also use these questions as a springboard for conversations with your friends, colleagues, or local book club. We hope you join us.   

The Bald Eagle Discussion Questions  

  1. What story about the bald eagle was most interesting to you? 

  2. What were your associations with bald eagles before reading this book? How did they change? 

  3. Throughout The Bald Eagle many figures in history had an impact on the life of the bald eagle. Was there someone that stood out to you? Why? 

  4. In Chapter 8, Davis writes about the eagle hacking project, an innovative way to regenerate eagle populations when nesting pairs hadn't been seen for decades. What are some other restoration projects that show scientific problem solving at its best? 


  5. This book is about the relationship that North Americans have had with bald eagles over the course of centuries, for better and for worse. What do you think is in the future for our co-existence? 


Brought to you by the USFWS Library, America's Wild Read is a virtual book club where we aim to inspire you to engage with conservation literature and nature writing. We hope you will read along with us as we feature various conservation books every quarter — contemporary, traditional, new, and classic.   

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