Creepy Crawlies Workshop

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Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery held the first ever Creepy Crawlie Workshop with 35 participants! Upon entry, attendees entered their name into the drawing box for a chance to win one of three bug kits donated by the Friends of Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery, Inc. From there they were able to make their way through stations to get a temporary bug tattoo, make a creepy crawlie craft, examine the exploration station with live specimens, and meet and greet the hatchery's resident Black Rat snake, Quadro. Crafts included a paper plate snake, egg carton lady bugs, paper plate butterflies, and more. 

Learning about insects is fun! 

The exploration station allowed for close-up observations of certain organisms that, though not uncommon, often go unrecognized due to their size, camoflauge, or habitat being out in the forest. Among the specimens were a Cellar spider, an Orange Assassin bug, a Spotted Orbweaver, a White Micrathena, a katydid, and more! Twenty of the participants joined volunteer, Debi Morris, for an evening/night walk on the nature trail to see if any creepy crawlies could be found in the wild. Several of the attendees were able to conquer their fear of snakes after refusing to interact with the snake upon arrival, they were petting and engaging with Quadro before leaving the workshop! On the way out, each participant received a bug tattoo lollipop and bug bracelet to commemorate the workshop. 

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