Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery Provides Trout Tank for Local Library

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The Kentucky Science Center created a mobile version of their Play2Go learning experience which is "designed specifically for children ages 8 and under, Science in Play2Go is built around the twin concepts of open-ended play and “loose parts” – materials that can be reimagined in countless ways – allowing children to naturally develop 21st century learning and STEAM skills." Russell County Public Library received the exhibit materials and in the third week of the display, conducted a nature and science themed learning program. Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery was asked to set up an aquarium for this program that would showcase the trout species produced at the hatchery as an education tool for those who visit the library throughout the science program duration. Parents and kids alike have enjoyed seeing the fish on display, learning of their origin, and planning their next trip to Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery!

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