Card Carrying Anglers Program Comes Full Circle

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Partnerships within the community can be a wonderful thing. Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery is proud to see the “Card Carrying Angler” program come full circle. The goal of this program is to foster an appreciation and love for fishing. In December of 2021, Marsha Hart of the Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery, Lisa Rosenthal with the Friends of Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery and Angie McGowan of the Russell County Library met to discuss ideas and plans to make fishing gear available to the public at no cost, all that would be needed is a library card. The team continued to work throughout the winter, gathering supplies and information, and finalizing logistics.

By early April of 2022, the program was established and ready to go. One of the first families to check out and enjoy the fishing gear was the Crew family. This family checked out poles and tackle boxes and had a very successful day of fishing! According to library staff, “Everyone thinks this program is so neat and they love the idea!” They have had several people to comment on the program. Library staff also noted that this program great for grandparents because they can check gear out for the grand kids from out of state that come to spend the weekend with them.

Friends of Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery continues to keep these items replenished as needed, and we hope to see the program grow in the future!

Young anglers ready to catch trout
This young man is reeling them in!
This girl is happy with her catch!
Nice catch by this young lady!

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