Get Ready to Carve Fish Pumpkins!

Looking for a way to make your pumpkin carving really stand out from the crowd? Tired of carving the same old Pumpkin King Jack Skellington face over and over again? (Of course you aren’t! Jack Skellington is AMAZING!)

Or maybe you’re like us, and just really, REALLY, love fish.

Well put down your pumpkin spice latte and pick up your actual pumpkins because we have the perfect fall activity for you.

Create your very own Fish-O-Lantern!


1) Print a copy of the template and tape it on the pumpkin.

2) Transfer the design by poking holes along the black lines with a thumb tack or the tip of a pen.

3) Remove the template and keep it on the side as a reference.

4) Cut along your dotted lines, beginning with those inside the fish, so you have a stable surface.

Tip: if you have a drill, you can use it as a quick way to carve the eye and spots.

5) Remove sections of cut pumpkin, insert light and tag @USFWS in your pumpkin photos!

Trout Pumpkin Carving Template with Instructions

Pumpkinseed Fish Pumpkin Carving Template with Instructions

Want to learn to fish?

People fish for many reasons: spending time with family and friends, enjoying the challenge of catching a fish, being outdoors and near water, or for many, just soaking in some quiet solitude. Whatever your reason, now is a great time to enjoy a fall fishing trip!

You could be fishing in just three easy steps:

  1. Get a license. Licensing fees stay local, and support conservation efforts that benefit everyone.
  2. Grab some simple gear, check out our guide to fishing for the first time for tips.
  3. Find some fish!

Many places to fish are closer than you think, including many national wildlife refuges and national fish hatcheries!

The National Fish Hatchery System

Since 1872 the national fish hatchery system has been improving recreational fishing and restoring aquatic species that are in decline or at risk. Across the country the network of national fish hatcheries work with states and tribes to conserve, restore and enhance the fish and aquatic resources of America for future generations. More than 1 million people visit a national fish hatchery every year to fish, hunt, hike, go birdwatching, and simply enjoy the outdoors. Find a hatchery near you.

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