Mississippi Flyway Upcoming Meetings and Calendar of Events

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Mississippi Flyway Upcoming Meetings and Calendar of Events

Administratively, the Mississippi Flyway is composed of the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, and the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

The Mississippi Flyway Council was organized in 1952 and contains representatives (usually agency administrators) from these state agencies (and often provincial representatives from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario) that have management responsibility for migratory bird resources in the Flyway. The Council was established to coordinate the management of migratory game birds in the Mississippi Flyway and to promote those activities of its members that serve the long-term benefit to the resources and the flyway as a whole. In addition, the Council provides a point of contact for the Fish and Wildlife Service for the purpose of coordinating federal/state/provincial management activities, providing advice to the Service on long-term and short-term migratory bird management needs of the flyway - including the establishment of harvest regulations so that the welfare of these resources can be properly safeguarded.

The Mississippi Flyway Council Technical Section was established to provide technical expertise and advice to the Council to ensure biologically-based management of migratory game birds. The MFC Technical Section is a forum for cooperative interaction among state, provincial, territorial, tribal, university, conservation-organization and federal biologists, with the goal of implementing integrated management and research programs for migratory game birds.

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