Migratory Bird Joint Ventures

Migratory Bird joint ventures are collaborative, regional partnerships of government agencies, non-profit organizations, corporations, tribes, and individuals that conserve habitat for the benefit of priority bird species, other wildlife, and people. Joint ventures bring these diverse partners together under the guidance of national and international bird conservation plans to design and implement landscape-scale conservation efforts in support of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan and the other bird management plans.

A national, partnership-based website provides more details on how the joint ventures are working with others to conserve birds and their habitats throughout North America.

The Joint Ventures' addresses are listed in the following order: U.S. habitat Joint Ventures, Canadian Habitat Joint Ventures, Species Joint Ventures.

National Joint Venture Coordinator
Justyn Foth
USFWS Headquarters
Falls Church, VA

Shape files and other data(for GIS applications) that are associated with the Joint Ventures in the U.S. map and Joint Ventures in the North American map.

United States Habitat Joint Ventures

Appalachian Mountains Joint Venture

States: Eastern OH,KY and TN, northeastern AL, northeastern GA, western NC, VA, MD and NJ, WV, PA, and southern NY
1700 Kraft Drive, Suite 1375,
Blacksburg, VA 24060

Todd Fearer, Joint Venture Coordinator
Rebecca Keller, Science Coordinator
Jessie Wise, Communications Specialist
Amanda Duren, Habitat Delivery Coordinator
Liz Brewer, WV Outreach Forester
Appalachian Mountains Joint Venture

Atlantic Coast Joint Venture

States: ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT, SC, GA, and FL , northern NY, eastern and western PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA, and NC
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
300 Westgate Center Drive
Hadley, MA 01035-9589

Aimee Weldon, Joint Venture Coordinator
Mitch Hartley, Assistant Joint Venture Coordinator - North Atlantic
Craig Falulhaber , Assistant Joint Venture Coordinator - South Atlantic
Maureen “Mo” Correll, Science Coordinator
Debra Reynolds, Communication Specialist
Kirsten Luke, GIS specialist
Atlantic Coast Joint Venture

Central Hardwoods Joint Venture

States: Central KY and TN, northern AL and AR, southwestern MO and IL, southern IN, and northeastern OK
108 Stonewall Dr.
Knoxville, TN  37920

Kyle Brazil, Joint Venture Coordinator
Rich Stanton - Avian Ecologist
Jeff Powelson, Conservation Delivery Coordinator
Central Hardwoods Joint Venture

Central Valley Joint Venture

States: Central Valley of CA
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
2800 Cottage Way, W1916
Sacramento, CA 95825

Jim Cogswell, Joint Venture Coordinator
Greg Yarris, Science Coordinator
Craig Isola, Conservation Coordinator
Central Valley Joint Venture

East Gulf Coastal Plain Joint Venture

States: Eastern LA, MS, western TN, KYand FL and Central AL
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Migratory Bird Program
1875 Century Blvd
Atlanta, GA 30345

Catherine Rideout, Joint Venture Coordinator
Rob Holbrook, Assistant Joint Venture Coordinator
East Gulf Coastal Plain Joint Venture

Gulf Coast Joint Venture

States: Coastal areas of TX, LA, MS, and AL
National Wetlands Research Center
700 Cajundome Boulevard
Lafayette, LA 70506

Barry Wilson, Joint Venture Coordinator
Joe Lancaster, Biological Team Lead
Bill Vermillion, Bird Conservation Specialist
Mark Parr, GIS Analyst
Steve DeMaso, Monitoring Coordinator
Nicholas Enwright, Geographer
George Bailey GIS/RS Technician
Gulf Coast Joint Venture

Intermountain West Joint Venture

States: Eastern WA and OR, northeastern and east-central CA, ID, NV, northern AZ, UT, western and southeastern WY, western MT, western NM and western CO
1001 South Higgins Avenue, Suite A1
Missoula, MT 59801

Dave Smith, Joint Venture Coordinator
Joy Morris, Conservation Programs & Operations Coordinator
Kasey Bader, Operations Specialist
Ed Contreras, SONEC Conservation Delivery Coordinator
Tina Dennison, Initiative Support and Project Coordinator
Patrick Donnelly, Spatial Ecologist
Emily Downing, Water 4 Communications Specialist
Erica Hansen, Water 4 Coordinator
Teagan Hayes, Science to Implementation Specialist
Mandi Hirsch, Sagebrush Conservation Coordinator
Charlie Holtz, Sagebrush Field Delivery Capacity Specialist
Brian McDonald, Operations and Administration Manager
Megan McGrath, Sagebrush Communications Specialist
Mariah McIntosh, Science to Implementation Specialist
Hannah Nikonow, Communications and Marketing Coordinator
Andrew Olsen, Science to Implementation Coordinator
Lori Reed, Government Affairs and Executive Support
Intermountain West Joint Venture

Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture

States: Western KY, TN, and MS, eastern OK, northeastern TX, northern LA, southern MO, and AR
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
6578 Dogwood View Parkway, Suite C
Jackson, MS 39213

Keith McKnight, Joint Venture Coordinator
Steve Brock, MAV Partnership Coordinator
Bill Bartush, WGCPO Partnership Coordinator
Anne Mini, Science Coordinator
Blaine Elliott, GIS Applications Biologist
Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture

Northern Great Plains Joint Venture

States: Southeastern MT, southwestern ND, western SD, and northeastern WY

Catherine Wightman, Joint Venture Coordinator
Steve Riley, Assistant Joint Venture Coordinator
Erin Fairbank, Conservation Programs Coordinator
Krista Erdman, Science Integration Specialist
Northern Great Plains Joint Venture

Oaks and Prairies Joint Venture

States: Central TX and OK

Robert Perez, Joint Venture Coordinator
Kenneth Gee, Conservation Delivery Specialist (Cross Timbers of Oklahoma and Texas)
Anna Matthews, Science Coordinator
Leah Lowe, Wildlife Biologist
Derek Wiley, Conservation Delivery Specialist
Ty Higginbotham, Coordinating Wildlife Biologist
Cole Fagen, Coordinating Wildlife Biologist
Amber Brown, Range and Wildlife Conservationist
Thomas Janke, Texas Prescribed Fire Coordinator
Kati Biggs, Coordinating Wildlife Biologist (North Texas)
Mitchell Riggs, Coordinating Wildlife Biologist
Taylor Daily, Coordinating Wildlife Biologist (South Texas/Edwards Plateau)
Oaks and Prairies Joint Venturee

Pacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture

States: AK, HI, western WA, OR, and northwestern CA
601 Kallapuya St.
Dayton, OR 97114

Monica Iglecia, U.S. Joint Venture Coordinator
Sara Evans-Peters,U.S. Assistant Coordinator
Andrew Huang, Canada Coordinator
Bruce Harrison, Science Team Chair British Columbia, Canada
Helen Raine, Conservation Coordinator – Hawai’i Wetlands
Laura Farwell, Coastal Habitats
Kathleen Moore, Conservation Planner, Canada
David Mehlman, Grants Liaison
Pacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture

Playa Lakes Joint Venture

States: Eastern NM, southeastern CO, northcentral TX, and western OK, KS, and NE
2675 Northpark Drive, Suite 208
Lafayette, CO 80026

Mike Carter, Joint Venture Coordinator
Anne Bartuszevige, Conservation Science Director
Andrew Mackintosh, Business Director
Christopher Rustay, Conservation Delivery Manager
Miruh Hamend, Communications Director
Matt Smith, Conservation Delivery Manager
Meghan Bogaerts, Landscape Planner & GIS Analyst
Ashley Gramza, Social Science Lead
Lily Abromeit, Communications Specialist
Playa Lakes Joint Venture

Prairie Pothole Joint Venture

States: Northern MT, northern and southeastern ND, eastern SD, western MN, northwestern IA
922 Bootlegger Trail
Great Falls, MT 5940

Lauri Hanauska-Brown, Joint Venture Coordinator
Josh Vest, Science Coordinator
Lucinda Morris, Communications Specialist
Jacquie Evans, Science Integration Specialist
Prairie Pothole Joint Venture

Rainwater Basin Joint Venture

State: Central NE
2550 N Diers Ave, Suite G
Grand Island, NE 68803

Andy Bishop, Joint Venture Coordinator
Niki Messmer, Office Manager
Cortney Schaefer, Habitat Specialist
Brody Vorderstrasse, Communication Assistant
Gregory Brinkman, GIS Specialist
Roger Grosse, GIS Specialist
Dana Varner, Science Coordinator
Rainwater Basin Joint Venture

Rio Grande Joint Venture

State: Southwestern TX
500 W. Avenue H, Suite 104F, Box 3
Alpine, TX 79830

Karen Chapman, Joint Venture Coordinator
Jesús Franco, Assistant JV Coordinator
Jeff Bennett, Habitat Conservation Hydrologist
Rebekah Rylander, Science Coordinator
Price Rumbelow, Conservation Delivery Specialist
Gregg Elliott, Communications Contractor
Rio Grande Joint Venture

San Francisco Bay Joint Venture

State: CA: San Francisco Bay and surrounding counties
4911 Central Ave 
Richmond CA 94804

Kelli McCune, Joint Venture Coordinator
Nikki Roach, Policy and Communications Coordinator
Jemma Williams, Conservation Program Coordinator
San Francisco Bay Joint Venture

Sonoran Joint Venture

States: Southern CA, Southern AZ
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
738 North Fifth Ave Suite 102
Tucson, AZ 85705

Jennie Duberstein, Joint Venture Coordinator
Emily Clark, Communication and Partnership Specialist
Adam Hannuksela, Science Coordinator
Sonoran Joint Venture

Upper Mississippi/Great Lakes Joint Venture

States: Eastern MN, KS, and NE, western eastern and southern IA, northern MO and IL, western OH, all of MI, WI
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
5600 American Blvd. West, Suite 990
Bloomington, MN 55437-1458

Doug Gorby, Joint Venture Coordinator
Anna Sidie Slettedahl, Assistant Joint Venture Coordinator
Greg Soulliere, Science Coordinator
Mohammed Al-Saffar, Bird Conservation Modeler
Upper Mississippi/Great Lakes Joint Venture

Canadian NAWMP Habitat Joint Ventures

Canadian Intermountain Joint Venture

Environment Canada
5421 Robertson Road, RR #1
Delta , BC, V4K 3N2

Andrew Huang, Joint Venture Coordinator
Canadian Intermountain Joint Venture

Eastern Habitat Joint Venture

17 WaterfowlLane
Sackville, NB E4L 1G6 Canada

Kristina Hick, Joint Venture Coordinator
Eastern Habitat Joint Venture

Pacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture

601 Kallapuya St
Dayton, OR 97114

Andrew Huang, Joint Venture Coordinator
Pacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture

Prairie Habitat Joint Venture

Canadian Wildlife Service
Room 200
4999 - 98th Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6B 2X3

Deanna Dixon, Joint Venture Coordinator
Prairie Habitat Joint Venture

Species Joint Ventures

Arctic Goose Joint Venture

Canadian Wildlife Service
9250 49 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T6B 1K5

Deanna Dixon, Joint Venture Coordinator
Arctic Goose Joint Venture

Black Duck Joint Venture

17 WaterfowlLane
Sackville, NB E4L 1G6 Canada

Kristina Hick, Joint Venture Coordinator
Black Duck Joint Venture

Sea Duck Joint Venture

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Division of Migratory Bird and State Programs
1011 East Tudor Road
Anchorage, AK 99503

Kate Martin, U.S. Coordinator
Margaret Campbell, Canadian Coordinator
Sea Duck Joint Venture

National FWS Programs They Work With

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A large bird with brown feathers, white head, and yellow beak flies against a pale blue sky
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