Alaska Streambank/Lake Shore Restoration Cost-Share

We provide funding and technical expertise for projects that restore and protect fish habitat. Examples of past successful projects include:

  • Bank stabilization using natural materials (like rootwads and cabled spruce trees) and bioengineering.
  • Light-penetrating gratewalks, decks, and stairways that protect existing vegetation.
  • Removing structures that are detrimental to salmon habitat, such as rock (riprap) and bulkheads.

Who Needs It?

We partner with private landowners in Alaska.


Step 1 - Apply

  • While we accept project proposals year round, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible for funding consideration if you want to begin your project in the upcoming construction season. 

Step 2 - Sign Agreement

  • If your project is selected, a Cooperative Agreement and or a Private Landowner Agreement must be signed between you and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Step 3 - Permit Application

  • Next, you will be required to complete a permit application and submit it to the permitting agencies (Examples: Alaska Departments of Fish and Game or Natural Resources, Borough and Floodplain).
  • No purchase of project materials or construction may occur under this Program until both parties have signed the Cooperative Agreement AND all applicable permits have been issued.


Landowner - Individual
Private Land Owners/Managers
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