Erwin National Fish Hatchery Expands Pollinator Program

At Erwin National Fish Hatchery, it isn’t always about trout. Being one of the largest trout broodstock broodstock
The reproductively mature adults in a population that breed (or spawn) and produce more individuals (offspring or progeny).

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facilities in the country is what they are known for…Erwin NFH likes to mix it up with other conservations efforts that aren’t quite so fishy. In 2019, the hatchery began a pollinator program by planting six pollinator plots. These wildflower gardens were a big success, the beautiful flowers attracted many pollinator species and received lots of positive comments from the community. Additionally, Monarch butterflies found the plots right away and all stages of the Monarch’s life cycle were documented in the gardens. This spring the staff decided that bringing more pollinators on to the hatchery was the obvious next step. So as of a couple weeks ago, Erwin National Fish Hatchery’s new apiary is buzzing!

The hatchery received two packages of bees, roughly 10,000 bees each. Equipped with veils, gloves, and other beekeeping equipment, Supervisory Fish Biologist, Tyler Hern, and Biological Science Technician, Makenzie Foster, installed the honeybees into their new homes. After just a couple weeks we are happy to report that both hives are working hard drawing comb, laying eggs, hatching larvae, and collecting pollen! These new hatchery inhabitants will help the hatchery expand on its growing pollinator education program and educate the community about the incredible importance of pollinators!

A honeybee from Erwin National Fish Hatchery's apiary collecting pollen from a sunflower in the pollinator gardens

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